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Digiface USB
Digiface USB Digiface USB Digiface USB Digiface USB Digiface USB Digiface USB Digiface USB Digiface USB

RME Audio Interface DIGIFACE USB

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66 channels: 32 in/ 34 out

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Continuing the legacy of RME s famous hdsp digiface, a triple ADAT I/O interface with phones and PCI interface, digiface USB simplifies connection with USB 2, does not need an external power supply, and even adds another optical I/O, resulting in 32 channels input and output each When using ADAT optical.The analog output hosts channels 33/34, and can be used freely thanks to total mix FX, RME s routing and monitoring solution that knows nearly no limits in routing and mixing (the digital USB does not include FX).each single optical port can use either ADAT (up to 8 channels) or SPDIF (stereo). while the inputs adapt automatically to the received signal format, The outputs can be individually switched between ADAT and SPDIF operation. Supported are smux and Smux4. Therefore at 192 kHz either 8 channels via 4 x SPDIF or ADAT are possible on both inputs and outputs.Its small size, Weight and bus-powered operation make the digital USB extremely versatile and useful. It could even serve as simple headphone amp for mobile use.Like all the latest RME interfaces, The digital USB also includes the powerful digital real-time mixer total mix FX. It allows for practically unlimited mixing and routing operations, with all inputs and playback channels simultaneously, to any hardware outputs. The digital USB does not have a DSP, so there are no FX available. Still it includes a dedicated control room section with talkback, main/phones, fader groups, mute groups, complete remote controllability via Mackie or OSC protocol, and much more.Features: setting up delay-free submixes (headphone mixes). the digital USB allows for up to 17 fully independent stereo submixes. On an analog mixing desk, This would equal 34 aux sends. Unlimited routing of inputs and outputs (free utilisation, patchbay functionality). distributing signals to several outputs at a time. Total mix offers state-of-the-art splitter and distributor functions.

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